Quality has been the single most important factor when it comes to parts, but we also know the price of the repair plays an important role in your decision making. We carry original parts when available but unfortunately with Apple, original parts, isn’t an option. For Apple screens grading varies greatly from very cheap to nearly original. So if you are paying very little for your iPhone screen repair then you are getting a low quality and unreliable part. Some differences are quality of the LCD, touch technology, actual brightness, front glass strength, backlight technology, and olephobic coating. We’ve spent years searching for the highest quality screens and that’s all we’ve carried. The absolute closest you can get to an original. We have avoided the lesser quality screens due to the quality and reliability of the part and with that comes a higher price for our premium parts. We, also, understand that the price of a “premium” part can be a burden on your pocketbook.  With that we have searched for a high quality aftermarket part that would be a reliable part, with a discounted price, and have found one that meets our high expectations. We now offer you another option for most iPhone repairs (not available for all models, yet).  Our highest quality aftermarket part gives you a cheaper price point without sacrificing much quality and reliability.