Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

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What are your store hours?

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Can you repair my phone/iPhone?

We can repair most phone issues.  From broken screens, no audio, broken housings and software.  We can repair iPhones, Blackberry, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Pantech, Samsung and Sanyo.  Most parts are in stock, but if not we can special order your part. Just bring your phone into Wireless Trendz and we can quote you a price for your repair.

How much will my phone repair cost?

The cost is based upon the make and model of your phone and the part/parts needing replaced.  If you are able to bring your phone in we can quote you a price on your repair.  Or if you know the make and  model and what the issue is just give us a call and we will be glad to quote you a price over the phone.

How long will my repair take?

Most repairs are done within 2-3 hours depending on how busy we are.  Some repairs can be done while you wait.  Please keep in mind when we quote you a time that not all repairs go as planned.  We do sometimes quote times based on what our technician believes the issue is and it turns out to be something else. If this does happen we will call (as long as you leave us a contact number) and notify you that we may need more time to complete your repair.

Are you an authorized Apple service repair center?

This is a touchy subject that most of our competition either does not acknowledge at all or gives  a slightly misleading answer to.  The truth of the matter is that no third party company is an Authorized Apple Service Provider (AASP) for iPhones. That's right, not one single company in the country is authorized by Apple to do third party repairs. That’s not to say that third-party companies provide bad service. But many of the local and online competitors will claim to be Apple or Mac certified, however even a person who is an Apple certified Macintosh Technician(ACMT) is only certified to work on Macintosh desktop Computer systems. The only exception that Apple allows for third party iPhone repair is called iOS Direct Service Program, which allows for warranty work of iPhones owned by a business or government agency when they own at least 100 phones and service only the equipment they own, no third party repairs allowed.  And believe it or not, they require no special training or certification from the tech doing the repairs. In all reality 99% of all the repairs we complete are either out of warranty, or not a covered repair because of all the exclusions that Apple Care imposes.

Most of our techs have earned a level 2 certification through other phone manufacturers for repairing cell phones, but our experience with iPhones is a large part of what makes us a great company.

Will you buy my old cell phone/phones and what will you pay me for them?

Yes, we buy most major carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile and Verizon).  We recommend you bring your phone/phones into one of our 2 locations and we can evaluate them and quote you a price.Phone pricing is based on a number of variables including make, model, condition of phone, our current inventory of that particular phone and current market value of that phone.   We do not give quotes over the phone due to needing to physically see the phone.

Will I lose any data on my phone when I have it repaired?

Most phones / iPhones use Flash memory, you will not lose any data even with a battery replacement.  Most phones also have removable sd/memory cards as well.  We recommend copying all of your media to your memory card and strongly suggest to every customer that they Sync and backup their phones  if possible. We cannot be held responsible for lost data.

Why is the iPhone 4 screen replacement so expensive?

The iPhone 4 front glass digitizer and LCD has been manufactured as one unit.  Apple has used epoxy strength adhesive to adhere the LCD to the Digitizer .  This design change, which is similar to the the way the first generation iPhones were assembled was made to completely solve the issue with dust and dirt accumulating between the glass digitizer and LCD that plagued the previous two iPhone versions. Therefore, even though you just need the glass replaced, the lcd will be replaced also since it is one unit. Thus increasing the cost significantly.

How can your competitor repair my phone for cheaper?

When it comes to purchasing parts there are many different options.  Parts are classified as Original, high copy, copy, A stock & B stock.  The lower quality parts can cost as much as half as the Original or high copy parts.  There is a significant difference in the quality and manufacturing of the part.  You can imagine that the quality control is going to be much greater with better parts.  The “cheaper” parts will not work at all or last as long as they are intended to.  At Wireless Trendz we only get Original or High copy (when original is not available).  We believe in repairing your phone with only the highest quality parts.  Giving us and the customer confidence that the part in your phone is of the best quality and maximum reliability.

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